About Pars Irsa Co.

The company and the covered units use the latest technology, skilled and trained experts, create special sensitivity in quality control of products throughout the production process, select rich and high quality mineral reserves as supply sources, Mineral Processing Plant With an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons and machines with CE standard, recognizing the needs of consumers and moving based on continuous and continuous communication with them, it has been able to be a leading company in this industry and a familiar name among professional consumers. Be a professional, customer-oriented, creative and trustworthy team.

Supplier of standard raw materials
for basic industries

Paper industry

Paper industry

Paper is the material used to make linen paste, cotton, cotton, hemp, wood, or agricultural waste, or some plants, such as bamboo and…, and to write it down. Which enters…
Porcelain industry

Porcelain industry

Porcelain industry is a kind of breakable clay vessel that is specially made and cooked in a kiln. [1] Chinese is a delicate pottery that was first made in China,…
Adhesive industry

Adhesive industry

Glue is any non-metallic material that is applied to the surfaces of one or two separate objects, creating a bond between the two and preventing them from separating. [1] That…

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Pars Irsa factory is equipped with 2 lines of Jambo Bag packaging system with a capacity of 30 tons per hour and a line of packing system with a capacity of 12000 Kg per hour according to international standards (ISO) and including API 13A USA.


The factory covered by this company in Ferdows industrial zone located in South Khorasan is equipped with the latest machines with Continental Trapezoid Mill technology with a micronized capacity of 15 tons of all kinds of mineral stones up to 9 MoH hardness.

geographical location

The closest factory to the largest hematite mine with high specific gravity
• Access to 38 rich sources of barite supply within a maximum radius of 300 km
• Close access to high purity bentonite mines
• Access to the country’s rail transport network




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